Private Label

Every machine on our high speed 50ml bottling line is specific to 50ml production (including the 48-valve filler, custom designed for our Fort Worth manufacturing facility), getting you the most efficient cost for your 50ml product format.

We can accommodate a variety of custom packaging requirements, or you can utilize our in-stock materials and volume purchasing power to further improve your production costs and lead times.

Get in touch to discuss increasing your 50ml production capacity, improving your 50ml production costing, or to get more information on private labeling capabilities (hotel minibars, airplane bottles, restaurants, grocery/retail) for the 50ml bottle format.

Line Speed: 300 Bottles/Min

Bottles: PET Round, Square, Custom
Closures: 18mm ROPP, 18mm Kerr

Labels: Pressure Sensitive (360° Inspection, Optical Spotting)

Pack: Shrink Bundle, Corrugate, Custom

Co-Packing & Formulation Capabilities

50mL BOttling

From high volume production to private label brand formulation, we work with customers in a number of different capacities.

Below are the types of projects we work on most frequently for the 50ml product format.

High Volume Production

This bottling line is a VGM custom design & install, specifically for high speed 50ml production. We run 2-3 shifts daily at 300 bpm.

For our larger customers looking for additional production capacity, we've been able to take on part or all of their 50ml bottling to increase their monthly production volume, and leverage the line speed & efficiency to improve their product margins.

Add 50mL to Product Lineup

For our customers already running their distilled spirits, cordials or specialty liqueurs in other sizes, we've helped them add the 50ml format to their product lineup.

We refer customers to our trusted packaging vendors, provide in-stock materials options, and share our operational expertise to help customers scale into this new format as quickly & cost effectively as possible.

Seasonal Flavors, Variety Packs

Many of our distilled spirits customers use the 50ml bottle format to run seasonal flavors, as the smaller size is ideal for variety packs and holiday gifting.

Similarly, our customers test new limited edition flavored SKUs in the 50ml bottle size, and adopt the top sellers into their full-size assortment.

Hotel Minibars, Airlines, Restaurants

The 50ml bottle format is ideal for hotels looking to add their own private label brand to their minibar, or for airlines, restaurants, and grocery/retail to add their own private label brand to their product assortment.

The level of customer involvement is entirely flexible: we've had customers hand us an idea and a target price point/margin, and others who prefer to be more hands-on with spirit and flavor selection. We will always ensure the end product is cost effective, production-ready, and a superb reflection of your brand.

Tasting Rooms, Events, Marketing Samples

50ml bottles are perfectly portable for samples, tastings, marketing, and special events.

Whether it's a craft distillery looking to add take-home 50ml bottles to their tastings/tours, or a brand looking to have mini bottles on hand to showcase their product at a trade shows, special events, or festivals, the 50ml format is ideal for increasing brand awareness, and encouraging consumer trial & conversion to full-size purchaser.

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Our high speed bottling lines can run all TTB-approved containers and fill levels. The most popular drinks on the bottling lines are craft spirits, cordials & speciality liqueurs, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, and non-alcoholic spirits.